The Advantages of Owning a Crystal Photo Cube

Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, graduation or another special milestone, a crystal photo cube always makes a great heirloom gift. In ArtPix 3D, crystal photo cubes are made with the highest grade of optical crystal that has been meticulously hand-blown to create a masterpiece. In addition, the photo crystals used are guaranteed genuine and original. What better way to celebrate a special event than with a beautiful photo crystal cube?

crystal photo cube

These crystal photo cubes come in two separate pieces the base and the lampshade. Both pieces are precision-crafted from high-grade, quartz crystal. The base of the crystal photo cube is usually crafted from either sterling silver or pewter. In addition to the base, each piece of the cube has a clear glass lampshade, which is designed to reflect light in a three-dimensional fashion, recreating an image perfectly.

Each piece of the crystal photo also contains tiny mirrors, which reflect light from the crystal photo in a completely different way, creating an illusion of an amazing three dimensional scene. Each piece of the cube is exquisitely crafted and has a unique “aura” of its own – each one different from all the others. This allows each crystal photo to be unique in appearance and style.

The most amazing aspect of the crystal photo cube is its ability to withstand scratching and spillage. In fact, because of the special optical properties of the quartz crystal, it has the ability to withstand scratching, even when something as simple as a pen is placed on top of it. Since a 3d photo crystal photo cube is not like a regular photo frame, you do not need to worry about the crystal photo being blown away by high winds or left out in the rain – nothing will happen that will damage your precious photos!

Because they are completely safe for use, anyone can purchase this beautiful crystal photo cube and immediately start using it to capture special memories and pictures of precious moments and events in their lives. Because of its unique properties, it is also possible to create an endless collection of pictures and memories with a single crystal photo cube. This is because once you have captured an image with one crystal photo cube, this item cannot be removed from its place. Once you remove a crystal photo from its housing, it will stay put until it is either stored in a box or disposed of. If a crystal photo does not retain its shape over time, it will be damaged and cannot be restored.

To prevent damage from any heat, moisture or direct sunlight, you should store your crystal photo cube in a cool, dry and non-metallic box. It is recommended that you clean your 3d crystal photo cube once every few months. To clean, you should first rinse the cube in warm water and dry it thoroughly before putting it back into its original housing or case. For even better results, do not clean the item using soap and water, but rather a dry cloth or paper towel. Crystal decors or accessories should be cleaned with utmost care to maintain their luster over time.

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