3d Photo Crystal Wedding Gifts

When people think of crystal, they most likely visualize those glistening spheres that sparkle and catch the light. In recent years, more people have become aware of the benefits of using crystals in their daily lives. From bracelets and necklaces to picture frames and earrings, crystal is found in all things from office supplies to fine art to luxury jewelry. The trend of using a crystal for everything from hair decorations to car parts is only now catching on. “3D photo crystal” is the latest buzz word when it comes to the use of this unique material.

3d photo crystal gifts can be used for almost any special occasion. For example, wedding keepsakes, silver and gold plated balls or even crystal wine stoppers can be engraved with a loved one’s name. These items can also be made optically clear crystal so as to allow for the person viewing the gift to be able to see every sparkle and reflection of the crystal. If you’re planning a wedding or corporate event, 3d photo crystal gifts are a great way to thank your guests for attending and/or hosting the event.

Crystal makes wonderful keepsake gifts for grandparents. You can purchase a silver frame with a photo of Grandpa sitting in his chair with his dog beside him. The photo crystal can be an exact replica of what Grandma was actually wearing that day. Engrave a special saying or initial into the crystal (hopefully something she might like) and give it as a thoughtful gift to a great friend or relative. 3d photo crystals are the perfect conversational piece because even when you’re wearing crystal, you’re always looking like you’re the cool kid at the party.

Crystal can also be used for more formal occasions. Engrave a photo of the bride and groom for her birthday (ensure it’s a recent picture, though; you don’t want to get her confused with a picture from several years ago!). Crystal slippers are a wonderful wedding keepsake and are available in many different colors. An additional idea is a silver tray with a photo of the bride and groom on it. This is a perfect way to highlight a favorite photograph, and guests will be very impressed by the unusual accent.

Finally, 3d photo crystal photo gifts can be used for corporate or business purposes. Custom crystal picture gifts are fun keepsakes that people appreciate. They come in a range of styles and designs. They make great gifts for baby showers, reunions, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and other special occasions. These gifts can be engraved or customized with a message, and they make great souvenirs to take home.

There are so many options when it comes to 3d ornament styles. You can get 3d pearls, 3d flowers, 3d candles, 3d figurines, 3d balls, 3d heart shaped crystal Photo Ornaments and much more. Custom made ornaments for each special event are easy to order and can be personalized with a name, date and message from the wedding. Plus, the price is right for this kind of unique keepsake. 3d photo crystal gifts are definitely unique and appreciated!

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